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Introduction to WinGreek

Please note that with the advent of Unicode, WinGreek is not needed for most modern versions of Windows.

WinGreek is a system for using Greek and Hebrew fonts in Windows. It is comprised of a set of fonts and some utilities. The fonts are Greek and Hebrew for a variety of screens and printers. The main utility is beta.exe which runs in the background and allows accented characters to be entered into most Windows wordprocessors. The fonts only need to be installed once (see below). Beta must be run each session. You might like to put BETA.EXE on your LOAD= line in win.ini to automatically load it each session. If you use Word for Windows then you can take advantage of a host of useful macros contained in which among other things allow very easy switching between fonts.

Biblical Greek and Hebrew texts are available from the Centre for the Computer Analysis of Texts (CCAT) on floppy disk, tape and CD-ROM. GrkConv.exe will convert the special format of these texts to Windows format. It will also convert Greek texts from the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) CD-ROM.

Frequently Asked Questions

WinGreek and 32bit applications

How to check that you have the template attached to your document

Registering WinGreek

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Downloading WinGreek

155 kbytes 4-July-2007 WinGreek32 version 2.1 This is the current version of WinGreek and has been tested on Word 97, 2000 and 2003

60 kbytes 9-June-00 WinGreek32 version 2.001 test (Greek only)

700 kbytes 12-May-95 WinGreek version 1.9a

80 kbytes 12-May-95 HP Laserjet 4 or 5 fonts

17 kbytes 12-May-95 Templates for Word 6